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Tumblers Club

The Blankney Hunt raise money for the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance by running a Tumblers Club throughout the season.  Martin Leach will be on the look out for fallers and fines are as follows:

£5.00 -   Fall of horse and rider

£10.00 - Fall of rider

Please feel free to inform martin of any fallers who think they may have escaped unnoticed.  This is for a very good cause.

All fines to be paid to Martin Leach

Tumblers for season 2015/16

Mr Neil Squires - Fell backwards in a ditch  £10.00   Paid

Mr Adrian Whitehead - Foot in rabbit hole  £5.00 

Mr Ben Higgins - Spooked at footpath  £10.00

Miss Chrissie Walkden - Fell backwards in ditch  £5.00  Paid
Mr Jonathon Morgan-Smith - Spooked at Sugarbeet £10.00 Paid
Miss Penny Vincent - Shook her off  £10.00
Mr Callum McDonald - Spooked  Exempt

Miss Miranda Webster - Fell off jumping £10.00 Paid
Mrs Francesca Charlton - Fell off jumping £10.00
Mr Lee Cocking - Fell off while getting on at the meet £10.00
Mr Oliver Chapple - Horse stopped at jump £10.00 Paid
Master Alex Morgan Smith - Fell off at jump £10.00 Paid
Mr Robert Thorpe - Fell off at a jump £10.00 Paid
Mr Neil Squires - Foot in rabbit hole £5.00
Miss Miranda Webster - Fell off jumping £10.00 Paid
Ms Tracy Price - Horse stopped at jump £10.00
Mrs Linsey Tinsley - Fell off jumping at own meet £10.00 Paid
Master Archie Morgan Smith - Fell off £10.00 Paid
Mr Neil Squires - Jumped off £10.00 Paid
Mr Roger Burtts Groom - Fell off jumping £10.00
Mr Neil Squires - Went for swim in the Brant £10.00
Miss Sophie Lawrence - Saddle slip £10.00
Mr Lee Cocking - Fell off Jumping £10.00
Mr Lee Cocking - Fell off £10.00
Mrs Jenny Dickinson - Foot in rabbit hole £5.00 Paid
Mrs Linsey Tinsley - Jumping a ditch £10.00 Paid
Mr Adrian Whitehead -  Fell off jumping ditch £10.00
Master Archie Morgan Smith - Fell off jumping ditch £10.00 Paid
Miss Amy Jones - Fell off jumping a ditch £10.00 Paid
Miss Miranda Webster - Fell off hacking to the meet £10.00 Paid
Master Ted Turner - Pony got down and rolled £10.00
Mrs Becky Shaw - Horse fell over £5.00
Mr Martin Leach - Strung up in tree £10.00 Paid
Mrs Becky Shaw - Fell off jumping £10.00

Master Pete Wray - Knocked off bike by muntjac £5.00

In the lead - Mr Neil squires                   Total 4 falls
Close 2nd - Miss Miranda Webster        Total 3 falls 
                 - Mr Lee Cocking                   Total 3 falls            ​



Hunt End of Season 1940's Supper and Dance

Saturday 22nd April 2017
See events page or

Contact Mrs and Mrs Wray for more details

07813664879 or 07800853323


BHSC Hunter Trial

Saturday 15th April 2017

Danethorpe Hill Equestrian, Danethorpe Newark

See Supportes club  page for more details

Please contact Jo Leach 07970658654 or email



BHSC Horse and Pony Show

Sunday 7th May

Elms Farm, Caythorpe

For more info please see page or conact Jo Leach 07970658654



BHSC Pleasure Rides 

Saturday 8th July(evening 4 - 6pm) - Blankney

By kind permission

of Blankney Estates and The Parker Families

For more info see Pleasure Ride page or contact Jo Leach 07970658654


Hound Sponsorship Day

Sunday 11th June 2017

At The Kennels, Blankney


For more info please see hound Sponsorship page or contact Jo Leach 07970658654



BHSC Family Dog Show and Terrier Show

Sunday 20th August 2017

Kennel Field Blankney

More details to follow



Sunday 22nd October 2017

Welbourn Village Hall

For more info see supper page or call Jo Leach 07970658654


For more details on all events please CLICK H

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