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Blankney Hunt Disclaimer


By joining us on a hunt ride or on a days hunting, all riders acknowledge they have read, understood and accept the following -


1. All riders must wear an appropriate riding hat that conforms to safety standards. We also advise wearing a body protector.

2. It is advisable to carry a mobile phone at all times.

3. The Blankney Hunt and landowners accept NO responsibility for any damage, accident or injury to horse or rider. All subscribers are expected to be members of the Countryside Alliance and we recommend this for anyone joining us.

4. Riders must listen to and remain with the Fieldmaster at all times unless specifically asked to take an alternative route.

5. If leaving early, please inform the Fieldmaster who will provide instructions on how to get back to the meet. The land is private and as such, all riders must treat it with respect and only go where permitted.

6. Do not ride on any crops at any time unless following the lead of the Fieldmaster.

7. Jumping is optional and at your own risk. Please ensure a suitable alternative route is followed if not jumping. Do not cross in front of jumps.

8. Vehicles and property are left at the owners own risk.

9. All riders take full responsibility for any damage caused by them, their horses or their vehicles.

10. Any damage caused (including hunt jumps and gates / fencing) will be reported to the Fieldmaster as soon as possible.

11. All horses should be fit and well and be ridden in a safe manner taking due consideration of others. Appropriately coloured ribbons should be worn on the horses tail to denote relevant warnings / information.

12. The Blankney Hunt risk assessment below has been read in conjunction with this disclaimer.


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Blankney Hunt Risk Assessment


Event Name

Blankney Hunt fun rides, hound exercise and meets 


Event Location


Risk Assessment Completed By


Blankney Hunt Committee


Risk Assessment Date

8th August 2022




Hazard Severity 1= LOW (minor injury, first aid treatment).  2= MEDIUM (attendance at A&E but not long term admittance to hospital) 3 = HIGH (severe injury, life threatening, long term hospital treatment)


Frequency 1 = LOW (extremely infrequent, negligible occurrence less than once per week).  2 = MEDIUM (occurs several times throughout the day, regular occurrence).  3 = HIGH (occurring very frequently, hourly occurrence).


Risk 1-3 LOW RISK.  Acceptable. 4-6 MEDIUM RISK.  Implement corrective action where reasonably practicable.   7– 9 HIGH RISK prompt action required to reduce to lowest level practicable.



Who might be harmed


Hazard Severity



Injury / damage caused by vehicles, hounds, horses, other

Public, riders, event followers / participants

Where possible, a first aider is to be in attendance at each meet.


Competent riders and horses of good temperament preferred in the field. Novice riders to stay at the rear of the field where possible. Young / quirky horses to wear appropriate coloured warning ribbons / bands on their tails and to keep additional distance from other riders.


All those attending meets (both mounted and on foot) to familiarise themselves with the colour coding of tail bands and take the appropriate action.


Hounds to remain under close control by Huntsman and Whipper In’s during road work.


Horse boxes and hound transport to be parked carefully and sensibly and provide enough room between vehicles.





Public Disorder

Public, riders, event followers / participants

Hunt supporters and event participants not to engage with protestors.





Road traffic incident

Public, riders, event followers / participants

All participants to observe all traffic regulations when on the highway and be polite and courteous to other road users.





NB: The Blankney Hunt and landowners accept NO responsibility for any injuries to any horse or rider or any damage to property


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